Foam rolling is TEMPORARY! Long-lasting treatments Part 2

Foam rolling is TEMPORARY!

Long-lasting treatments Part 2 


Do you hit "plateaus" when you work out and have tried to adjust your workout program, but are still unable to get over the hump? Do you feel like you can't turn on your muscles sometimes no matter what exercise you've been advised or no matter how much you focus/visualize? 


Perhaps your body/brain doesn't want to turn the muscle on. Perhaps your body/brain is trying to protect you .. trying to "survive" ..

If this is what your body is built to do (fight or flight), there is not much you can do to get the muscles firing normally unless you take the "threats" away, either by treating at the sensory system level or adjusting the brain's interpretation of the information coming in from the external environment. In this video, Kim demonstrates the impact of treating the sensory system, NOT the " motor response of the sensory system" i.e., treat the central nervous system, not the musculoskeletal structure!!!!





If you have chronic pain, dysfunction, post-concussion, etc. and have tried a variety of treatments that treat the "response", have you had improvements? Have the improvements lasted, or did the symptoms return even though you do your "homework"? 



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