SOUL - Wellness

Sport ICON also provides information and guidance on products, services, and programs

to help you make high impact lifestyle choices that enhance your overall wellness.

Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

Movement programs


Myofascial Stretching

Anatomy in Motion

Injury prevention (flexibility, mobility, strengthening)


ICON Photography

Moments created



Consultation on Teaching and Presenting Skills and

Pedagogical Strategies

For coaches, teachers, trainers, workshop/seminar instructors, executives, business owners, managers, anyone who is required to transfers knowledge and skills to others

Presentation skills
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Slide presentations
Public speaking



Education, pedagogy
Feedback, Massed vs distributed practice
Teaching skills (cognitive, psychomotor)
Debriefing and delivering feedback
Curricular planning
Lesson planning
Learning environment
Time management
People management
Space management