Injury rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation · January 12, 2023
5 Proven Exercises to Alleviate Low Back Pain and Improve Function
Suffering from low back pain? Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage it. Check out these 5 proven exercises that can help alleviate pain and improve overall function: McKenzie Extension, Pelvic Tilt, Cat-Cow Stretch, Plank, and Bird Dog. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program #lowbackpain #exercise # McKenzieExtension #PelvicTilt #CatCowStretch #Plank #BirdDog
Injury rehabilitation · January 12, 2023
Do you have difficulty moving because your back hurts? Best tips for managing chronic low back pain.
The current recommended protocol for managing low back pain is a combination of non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches, focusing on self-management strategies and early rehabilitation. Non-pharmacological approaches: exercise, education, and psychological interventions; pharmacological options: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and weak opioids. Surgery is generally only considered as a last resort. #lowbackpain #managelowbackpain #exercise #posture #medication #selfmanagement
Injury rehabilitation · November 06, 2018
Conference Presentation at the Perspectives in Exercise, Health, and Fitness Conference 2018 (Kananaskis, AB), titled "Foam rolling, flexibility and fascia: Myths and misconceptions".
Injury rehabilitation · March 12, 2018
Another example of a weakness temporarily corrected with the very popular foam roller. Stimulating specific receptors brings back the weakness, but, correcting the weakness from its nervous system cause makes the weakness disappear. Now, attempting to aggravate the problematic receptors does cause weakness anymore.
Injury rehabilitation · February 28, 2018
Tired of temporary fixes for your aches and pains ... here's an example of a chiropractic spinal adjustment temporary fix compared to a PDTR treatment that is more permanent. For details and appointments, contact me.