Long-lasting treatments means less money and less time wasted!

Long-lasting treatments means less money and less time wasted!


Symptoms suggest dysfunction. Dysfunction is not really bad; it's a different way for your body to accomplish a goal i.e., move. Your body constantly and naturally responds to physical traumas or perceived threats by creating a different way to move. Sometimes these adaptations/movements/dysfunctions get locked in because the your body is still responding to the trauma or perceived threat even though it's no longer there.


Often, therapists see the response as the problem and the cause. The response is the problem, but it is NOT the cause. The central nervous system is causing the response. Treat the nervous system, the response will change ... PERMANENTLY!!! 




Here is an example of a common treatment, chiropractic adjustment, that addresses the response, NOT the cause. The problem returns when the trauma is repeated.


The second half of the video demonstrates how to identify the problem caused by the central nervous system. The problems (neck restriction and weakness) resulting in how the body responds, changes PERMANENTLY, even after the trauma is repeated.


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